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History - Hernia Surgeon, Cleveland, Ohio

The Hernia Center of Ohio was founded in 1983 and has become both a national and international center for hernia surgery.

Located in an upscale suburb of Cleveland, Ohio, (see map) the center is only twenty minutes from the airport and is surrounded by a number of quality hotels that offer special rates for our patients. Limo service is available at a special rate for all your transportation needs.

We have our own surgery center, staffed by experienced nurses and dedicated anesthesiologists, who have treated thousands of hernia patients. Coupled with Dr. Grischkan�s expertise, this is a formidable team of specialists who consistently deliver superior results in hernia repairs. Even patients who have had multiple prior failures with other surgeons have had successful repairs at our center. Dr. Grischkan personally performs all the surgical procedures, not trainees as practiced in many institutions. Little wonder so many doctors from all over the country, near and far, have chosen the Hernia Center of Ohio for their own hernia surgery.

Patients typically arrive the day before surgery, undergo a physical examination by the doctor and have the hernia repaired the next morning. Most patients fly or drive home the same day of surgery, although many opt to spend the night and leave the following day.

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